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Mount Kinabalu is NOT the highest mountain in South East Asia


i copy this article form this MOUNT KINABALU..what do u think ar..??

Rants and raves about the height of Kinabalu were audible last year, 2007. I knew that Mount Kinabalu is not the highest mountain in South East Asia, but I did not know that Mount Kinabalu was ranked 5th on the highest point in SEA.

Dan Low is the person who was responsible for the information to be conveyed to me. LeongWK was the first person who raised this issue but I did not take it seriously, until I read a blog post by Bisean. Fortunately, we share our information together through Multiply social networking platform and I am glad to be connected to a group of people who are really concern about our World Heritage Site.

You can read the heavy discussion in Bisean blog, which some of the commenter did not really agree with the facts. They gave a very different description and definition of the countries and the borders of Asian continent and South East Asia, in which, according to their definition, Mount Kinabalu will rank differently on the highest point list of mountains in this region.

We could actually argue the facts on the border definitions, but personally for me, it is not as important as taking the responsibility to take care of the mountain.

Most importantly, our young generation must be teach to love our mountain and take care of our environment. No point having the highest mountain in South East Asia, but nothing is done to preserve the heritage.

By the way, I think it’s about time we change our Malaysian Geography syllabus, by not mentioning Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia. Our neighbouring countries may get insulted with it.

I hereby give you the 10 highest peak in South East Asia, courtesy of Dan Low…

1. Hkakabo Razi, Burma (5881m)

Hkakabo Razi

2. Puncak Jaya, Indonesia (5030m)

Puncak Jaya

3. Trikora, Indonesia (4751m)


4. Mandala, Indonesia (4701m)


5. Kinabalu, Malaysia (4095m)


6. Kerinji, Indonesia (3809m)


7. Rinjani, Indonesia (3727m)


8. Semeru, Indonesia (3677m)


9. Fansipan, Vietnam (3143m)


10. Agung, Indonesia (3142m)


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